Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Note that this post does not have anything Halloween related ;-) But I hope you will have a good one!

At the moment, I'm slowly completing the little pink set for a collegue baby girl who will come into this world in early January. I'm adding a little pair of socks. The first one is knitted and is so tiny and cute! Pictures soon!

Then, last Sunday, I felt sick with a headache and nausea and thought that starting the Bella's Mittens would lift my spirit. For sure, I wasn't feeling well because I no longer liked them and started surfing Ravelry to find something else to knit with my 2 skeins of Cocoon... Thankfully, after a good night of sleep and a day at home to sleep some more, my senses came back and I started to like them again and quite frankly, I've knitted a few inches now and they feel so good! Love that yarn!

We had our knit night at a pub this week! It was fun! We have such a lovely group! There were two contests this week: a beautiful skein of yarn that came directly from Rhinebeck (what's Rhinebeck, hi hi...) and a "tipi" from Audrey at the Mouton Bleu. I was the lucky winner of the tipi! I love hand-made bags and it is so well done! Love the fabric, it's so pretty! Thanks again Audrey!

Anybody noticed this free pattern (Cropped Top) on the last Vogue Knitting? I think this is the strangest knitwear I've seen so far... I'm speechless... Honestly, would you wear it or offer it to a friend? ;-) Or is it just a styling mistake?

Lastly, you should go check out the new Biscotte colors: I love them and especially Coconut sur la plage and Vigne.

Happy Halloween!


Chantal Boucher said...

Tu fais de l'insomnie chère tricopine? Tu as écrit ce billet bien tôt!
J'aime beaucoup les Bella's... est-ce que la mitainite s'attrape? Haaa peut-être que je l'ai attrapée!
Oui, nous sommes super chanceuse, toi le tipi, trop cute, et moi la pelote de laine de Rhinebec, yé!!

Et je suis bien d'accord avec toi, ce patron est plutôt bizarre... Sans chandail, il pourrait s'appeler "regarde-moi dans les yeux" ha ha ha!!!!
Bonne fin de semaine! J'espère que lse maux de tête sont partis!

Janet said...

Lovely Bella mitts! The Cocoon looks lovely.

I too saw the crop top pattern and I don't understand it either. Even on the model, it ends abruptly in a very unflattering place. I could almost see wearing it under another shirt if there wasn't that prominent horizontal ridge all the way around.

Have a wonderful day!

Carol said...

I started the Bella Mittens too!yours look great! Have a safe Halloween!

love Carol

Andi said...

Your mitten is looking gorgeous-that yarn looks incredibly soft. I can't wait to see them finished.
I love that we both have our knitting nights at the pub. I don't think there should be any other way.
Oh and about that sweater I have no idea who would wear that, I can't even imagine!
Happy Halloween Maryse. :)

mle said...

wow, that is a super strange crop top! very weird.
Your Bella mittens are looking good! I had an unsuccessful attempt at those a while back but I still want to make them I think I just need to find the right yarn.

Alhana said...

La verdad es que esa prenda de Vogue Knitting no me gusta nada. ¿Sirve para algo?
Pero tus Bella Mittens sí que me gustan un montón, estoy deseando verlos terminados. El color que has elegido es precioso.
¡Que pases un feliz fin de semana y feliz Halloween!

Kara said...

Thank you for the reminder that I need to knit Bella's mittens. They are so cute!!!

~RaenWa~ said...

I wish I could wear mittens the pattern is gorgeous I hate not being able to use my fingers in mittens lol.

The crop top makes no sense to me but I am sure while we say what the heck someone else is saying oh that is a great top.

Celestial said...

That top seems to have taken 'cutting edge' a little too seriously for my taste. I'm starting to get a little (ok, so I have been for a while) disappointed with Vogue. Their newest cover - I couldn't even tell what the knit was let alone see the detail well (too bright of lights).

Anyhow, hope you're feeling mucho better. Congrats on the win of that adorable little bag, and finish those mittens soon. You'll be needing them.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great prize! That's a neat bag!

Love your bella's!

Laura said...

Your mitts are lovely! I'm getting ready to cast on with Cocoon for the very first time - it looks so cozy and soft.

Unknown said...

You're from the Montreal area? Me too! Love the blog - just found you today...

Lolita Blahnik said...

It's a styling mistery!!!!!! really strange...
I love Bella's Mittens, you will use them a lot, I think. I knitted a pair last year, I have never used them! We don´t have a cold winter here... but I couldn't resit to try the pattern!!!!