Monday, October 20, 2014

FO: Little Oak

This morning, I finished the Little Oak cardigan that I started last January. It's always nice to finish a project, isn't it? 

I had bought the two skeins of Madelintosh Tosh DK for a scarf.  However, following a few rows, I changed my mind (like I always do!) and started to look for something else I could make with this beautiful yarn. I thought about the Little Oak cardigan. 

I thought the colorway Kale was neutral enough because we didn't know whether we were having a boy or a girl.  Also, although the gauge was definitely not working for this pattern, I tried the following: made a 6 months for the count of stitches and a 2 years for the lengths.  It seems to have worked!  Although at some point, I thought I would not have enough yarn (but I have 4 g left!), I now have a 2 years old little cardigan.

Don't get me wrong, it is a nice cardigan.  However, I would not really recommand two things.  First, I would say that you should not use this yarn.  It is a little dense.  I suppose it will be warmer, but probably not as comfortable as with a lighter weight of yarn.  Second, although the pattern itself is shown in a similar color, I think that a lighter color would be best to show the details of the yoke and would also be more suitable for a child.   

All in all, the pattern is very well written.  That, I definitely recommand!  I really like it when the instructions are detailed and e.g. you don't need to look up the internet to find how to make a M1R or M1L, etc.  Also, it contains the chart and the written instructions for the yoke.  Finally, it even has some graphics for the lenghts in each size.  Good work, Alana Dakos!

Although it is difficult to see, I really like the yoke!

 I really look forward for my daughter to try it on.  Probably next Spring or Fall.

This pattern is part of the MSK Tackling WIPS KAL/CAL.  It is not too late to join it if you have many WIPs!  Also, you should definitely visit My Sister's Knitter blog regularly!  It is one of my favorite!

Have a great week everyone!


DKnits said...

It's good to hear from you! Your cardigan is very sweet!

Andi said...

Such a lovely cardigan, Maryse. You tend to have excellent taste in patterns and yarn. Thank you for the extra notes for those of us thinking about knitting this beauty. XO

mle said...

Sometimes it is so hard to find that magical yarn/pattern combination. It is a really lovely little cardigan though and I'm sure your daughter will look adorable in it when it fits her.

Audry said...

I agree that the color makes the details a little hard to see. But I think you did a lovely job knitting the sweater!

erin kate said...

Great work! That color is absolutely amazing !

Lolita Blahnik said...

Preciosa chaqueta, aunque es cierto que en un color mas claro se vería mejor el detalle del cuello. A mi ese tono si que me gusta para niña, no lo veo muy oscuro.
Espero que todo vaya bien, un abrazo grande!

Suvi said...

Beautiful little cardigan!

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