Monday, October 26, 2009

The multitasker of Montreal in Vogue Knitting!

"Véronik Avery talks about her new yarn, pattern and magazine company, St-Denis." - Vogue Knitting, Holiday 2009.

There is an article about Véronik Avery in this issue of Vogue Knitting! I wish her a lot of success!

I have to admit that I bought the magazine for this article because I don't feel that there is any pattern that I would knit in that issue... Oh, well, you never know. Sometimes, I think there is no interesting pattern in an issue and it turns out that I see a version from someone else, styled differently, and I change my mind ;-)

Aside from that, I'm trying to knit the second Handsome Mitten and it's driving me craaaazy! I am having such a hard time with it. I make errors after errors... Pastaza is not a yarn that likes to be frogged! Don't know what's wrong with it or me!!! Obviously, I love this pattern, because I will not abandon, but... will I loose my mind?

Wish you all a great week!


vanessa said...

i often buy books or magazines for the same reasons... but you'll have the patterns in case you *someday* want to make them!!

good luck on your mitts. can't wait to see them! v

Chantal B said...

D'accord avec toi pour le magazine, je suis abonnée - pas de coup de foudre.

"Handsome Mitten" - je m'en vais de ce pas voir sur Ravelry. merci pour ton commentaire sur châle de bandit!!

Janet said...

I have to tell something I noticed about my own knitting magazines. None of the designs appeal to me until about two years have passed. Then suddenly, I can find things in them that I want to knit!