Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lazy me!

Instead of being productive and finishing my mittens - that are 90% complete by the way - I'm surfing the net! Once again...

Have you seen the Minutia '09 patterns on Berroco's web site? They are soooooo... little!

Here is my favorite one - I think:
Isn't it incredibly cute?

I'm also shopping sock patterns, needles and yarn for the Ravelympics 2010! I've been convinced, last night in Rosemere, that a first pair of socks would be a great challenge for me! And I think it would be realistic for 17 days!

According to Ravelry, Monkey would be a good choice! Do you think it's a good idea for a first pair of socks?

And I need needles... Would you recommend nickel needles for socks? They are so pretty. Or should I go for Harmony wood needles - that I already love? Decisions, decisions ;-)

I should go train, right?


Chantal Boucher said...

tu me donnes le goût de tricoter ces bas... Ils sont très jolis. En 17 jours toutefois, il faudrait que je sois unijambiste, pour ma part!...Ou en vacances! Même en vacances pas de chum ni d'enfant!

Je n'ai pas trouvé le temps d'aller à Rosemère encore. J'avais un cours lundi soir, fête à mon chum mardi et un souper ce soir... grosse semaine. ...Et mes tricots n'avancent guère.

bye bye Maryse!

mle said...

I think Monkeys would be great for first socks! The stitch pattern is really fun and makes the sock go faster I think. I've always liked my KnitPicks needles (I think they are nickle). Make sure to go ahead and get a size 1 and size 2...just in case. Good luck!

Knittymuggins said...

I love those Minutiae patterns too :)

Can you believe I've been knitting for 4 years and have never made myself a pair of Monkeys? I adore the pattern, but just have not been able to get around to making a pair. Maybe now that I'm pregnant and not able to knit sweaters, it might be a good thing to do :) I love my Harmony's so I'm partial to those, but probably either would work fine. Looking forward to seeing what you choose!

Hope you're well & I'll write soon :)


Lolita Blahnik said...

Voy a ver enseguida esas miniaturas! Suerte en las olimpiadas!!!

Carolyn said...

I love my Monkey socks! Good luck with them, they're pretty fun. :)