Saturday, March 14, 2009

The return of Branching Out

Hello! Another sunny weekend morning! It feels good! I hope you all had a good week.

I had a good post-Thermal week! On Wednesday night, I met with the North Shore Knitters and continued Lilas. The back is almost completed. I really look forward to knitting the fronts!

On the other nights, I started a new Branching Out with the remaining skein of Gloss. Half of it is knitted already. I started a Branching Out in 2006 with a thicker yarn (Bernat Satin). It will be frogged. It didn't do justice to the pattern. It was my first lace project however and I can appreciate the hability I've acquired while knitting this other version, soon to be forgotten ;-)

Here is a photo I took this morning. As you can see, I keep my magazines close... What will be next? My first pair of socks? There is also Habanero and the Millefiori Cardigan that I am much interested in. After Lilas of course. I will not say more before I make up my mind. I'm surpised I didn't see many Habaneros on Ravelry. I think this pattern is very interesting.

Have a great weekend!


knittinredwitch said...

Congrats on your fierceness. Each time I frogged for mistakes, I was glad I did. So I'm glad you did. It does pay back to be attentive to details. And thanks to you, I think I will queue Millefiori!

Chantal Boucher said...

Allo Maryse,

Superbe ce foulard... Tu es prolifique!

Au retour, l'autre soir, j'ai détricoté et retricoté! Tout est rentré dans l'ordre. J'ai commencé le cardigan yoke (voir mon blogue) qui exige beaucoup moins de concentration! À mercredi prochain!

birana said...

Very nice this new branching out... personally my 1st lace(KIRI shawl) has been the worst knit I ever made.. . And I'm waiting for your next knitting choice, now that you thermal is done.. and it suits you very weel by the way ;) For habaneiro its a very nice modele, but if youre a bit "breasted" it must be round at the wrong place, but you small so it would be perfect for you!

vanessa said...

I love the lace! and the two sweaters you are considering, too. I've been thinking about that cardigan from interweave as well (must be a thing for that bright pinkish color!!) but am about to start on one of stefanie japel's sweaters from fitted knits. can't wait to see which garment you choose!

Chantal Boucher said...

Merci pour tes commentaires Maryse! À bientôt! Ce mercredi?