Saturday, March 31, 2012


First, I want to say thank you to all of you who visit and leave some comments!  I really enjoy reading them!

Today, we are having a wonderful day in the Montreal area.  It is so sunny!  I worked a little bit around the house and then, I went jogging!  It really cheers me up!

The seeds I planted last week are starting to grow.  I did not plant too many: a few tomatoes, morning glories and a few herbs (basil, parsley, peppers, etc.)  So fun to look at them every day!

We received our second shipment of the TFA Year in Color 2012 a week ago and guess what is the name of the color?  Sprout!  It is so perfect for this time of the year.  It is a very nice light green with little touches of purple and even little red dots!

I will be doing another KAL with my friend Chantal.  I will let you what we chose to knit in another post.  Can you guess what it is?  Hum, you are very good if you can guess ;-)

By the way, visit Brin dans le vent to see how she styled the Georgia's Sleeves that we knit with the January yarn.  I love it!  Even better than worn as... sleeves ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, March 19, 2012

FO: Easy Peasy Newborn Hat

It has been such a quick little knit that it almost doesn't feel like a FO!

Pattern: Easy Peasy Newborn Hat by Keri McKiernan.
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label Fingering.
Needles: US 3 / 3.25 mm.
Color: Truffle.
Start to finish: March 11-19, 2012
For:  ?
Modifications: None.

We should receive the March shipment of the TFA Year in Color 2012 Club this week!  I'll post it here when everyone seems to have received it.  I would not want to spoil the surprise for anyone.  So exciting!

Today is St.Joseph Day and this year, I'll be planting a few seeds!  This is what I will be doing this afternoon!  I like that kind of Monday!

Have an excellent week everyone!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

FO: Georgia Sleeves

So, I finally casted off my second Georgia Sleeve!  Very nice pattern.  It was very enjoyable and mindless to knit and filled the goal of not stealing the thunder of this beautiful yarn (or vice versa).  On the contrary, the pattern and the yarn are really complementing each other I think ;-)

I don't know if this cast off technique has a name, but if you knit this pattern and want the sleeves to be worn over your hands, it is extending very nicely.

Thank you very much Celeste for this nice free pattern!

Here is a another look at the beautiful sleeves before I write the complete description:

Pattern: Georgia Sleeves by Celestial at Nebula Designs.
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label Fingering.
Needles: US 1 / 2.25 mm and 2.50 mm
Color: Truffle (0.6 skein) which is the January/Febrary colorway for the TFA Year in Color 2012 Club.
Start to finish: February 4, 2012 to March 10, 2012
For: Me!
Modifications: None. 

There is a little bit of shaping in the pattern so it is not a plain tube.

If you click on the TFA link above for the club, you will notice that I deviated from the proposed pattern.  It also seems like a lot of knitters in the club chose a different pattern.  I so love this designer usually but the pattern she proposed was not very challenging (knits and purls only) and I didn't find the result interesting enough to invest some of my time in it.  I'm a bit disappointed because it feels like I paid for it and I will never knit it...
Instead, my friend Chantal and I made a mini-KAL after looking at many patterns!  I was about to knit a pair of socks and received her email just in time to change my mind!  It was fun!  Chantal finished way before me!  KAL are great for knitting faster!  That also means that we are ready for the next shipment for the club which should be in about 2-3 weeks!

Last but not least, there are about 45 g of this beautiful yarn left.  I'm thinking about knitting some Saartje booties with it.  I'll have to find some nice buttons (which will bring me to a certain question Monique!)

Also, while I was knitting all that stockinette, I was thinking (and sometimes stopping to go on Ravelry) about what I could do with all my other projects leftovers.  I'm thinking mostly about baby knits.  I may knit the Little sister's dress with the upper right corner cotton yarn.  For the other yarns, we will see!  For sure, it is always fun to look for ideas on Ravelry!

I have to say I love this picture!  It brings back a lot of memories!

Have a great Sunday everyone!