Thursday, May 4, 2017

FO: Not Resisting Hat - Small version

Hello!  How are you?  How is your spring so far?  Mine is not bad at all as I am always excited when summer is just around the corner. 

But before that, I'll just mention my last knit of the winter. As soon as I've finished my Not Resisting Hat with stash and leftover yarn (and still had leftovers), I've casted on for a mini version for my daughter. It was a fast knit! I've measured her head and adapted the pattern accordingly. When she tried it on, it was fitting perfectly! And look at that smile!

See my project page on Ravelry for more details on the modifications.

So, for a few days, there was nothing on the needles. On Sunday, I casted on for the Simple House Slippers. The idea came from the very inspirational podcast by Espace Tricot. They have such lovely samples and they are based in Montreal.  Every time I went to their store, I've loved it. They are very good at giving advices and the store is just beautiful with a great variety of yarns! 

We will see how many pairs can be made with one skein!

Then, for Easter, we went to visit my parents and my mom showed me some yarn that she has and will not use. I chose the following. Here is what I plan to make with each one - maybe I'll change my mind :)

With these 745 meters of Phildar Castel (I believe it is discontinued), I plan to make Cascade in size 4T.

With these 280 meters of Coton Fifty, I'd like to knit a little Blue Sea Beach (12 m will be the most likely size with the amount of yarn available). This will be a great baby shower gift!

And finally, with these 560 meters of Ondine (also discontinued), I think it would be pretty as a Fond of You in size 6 (if my calculations are good).

So, this is what I have in mind for the near (or not so near) future. Maybe I will knit them in that order, maybe  not!

How about you?

Happy knitting?