Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thermal surgery

I waited two weeks before undoing one sleeve of my Thermal to adjust it. The more I thought about it and the more I tried it on, the more I knew it was the right thing to do. I even looked forward to it!

So, this morning, I took the measurements from a few sweaters I have and removed and frogged one sleeve. Even frogging Thermal takes a lot of time...

So, the upper part of the sleeve was 6 inches and bulked under the arm. My usual comfortable sweater would measure about 4.75 inches, so I frogged to remove 12 stitches per round.

I was a bit surprised that it's only a difference of 12 stitches. I hope my calculations are good. However, trust me, this time I will try it on at least one million times. I will also sew it to the body before I redo the second sleeves...

Yes, that would be about 12 inches of waffle stitches undone...

In parallel to this and my Bella's mittens, I've also started knitting a gift. I will not elaborate because the recipient may read these lines. All I can say is that it's garter stitch and it's very addictive. Who would've thought!

Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thermal is "almost" finished

Hello everyone! Last weekend, I spent at least 10 hours on my Thermal and it's almost finished. What a relief! It remains to be blocked and the buttons you see are only temporary as they are not exactly identical.

It does not really show on the picture, but if I want to be happy and wear that sweater often, I'll have to re-work the sleeves. I'm having a hard time taking a photo of myself that show that they are too big since it tends to bulk under my arm and does not really show unless I hold it. However, I'm used to wearing more adjusted sleeves and I think it looks better so I think I will undo them until were I think I should no longer increase and it should be just fine. I still don't want them to be tight (because I think that the body is so comfortable), but I'm sure I can remove 20-25 stitches per round above my elbow and it will be better.

I'll leave it as is for a few more days (while I finish my Bella's mittens!) and un-sew the sleeves if I still feel like it then!

This is why I wrote that Thermal is "almost" finished...

Hope you all have a good Sunday!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

FO: Jeannee

I finished the little Jeannee to go with the Baby Cabled Hat and Mittens set.

They are in Précieux. I really enjoyed that yarn. Now there is too little left to add anything more to this set. I like these little tiny and pink socks!

Now, I'll go work on Thermal! Wish me good luck ;-)

Have a great weekend!