Saturday, October 5, 2013

Frog, frog, frog...

Well, I thought the color of my Pine Forest Blanket was too dark for a baby blanket but it turns out that the second skein is even darker!  See!

It wasn't exactly a nice surprise...  Still, I continued.  You know, denying the problem.  But I've finally reached a decision.  I will not frog and alternate skeins.  I will frog it completely and it will become different projects.  Why insist on making this blanket in that color if I'm not in love with itT  I already have a few ideas for it: Felipe, Owl Tuque and-or OwletAviatrix Hat, Gramps.  I'll stop, I only have three skeins ;-)

So, Thursday night, I had no choice but to go to the lovely Espace Tricot.  It was once again a very pleasant yarn shopping experience.  All the ladies in that boutique de tricot are so nice.  I forgot to bring the blanket requirements but they went on Ravelry and showed me a varity of possible yarns are could use: soft enough for a baby and superwash, of course.  I opted for this beautiful Green Label Aran Weight by Tanis Fiber Arts.  The colorway is Frost. I so love her yarns!

It is also going to become a Pine Forest Blanket.  This is a nice mindless pattern.  I think this color is much better suited for a little baby!  I hope the transition between the skeins will be okay.  We chose them carefully...
This is also perfect to lift my spirit this morning because I caught a cold yesterday.  I thought I would be fine and went to work yesterday but it worsened last night and now, I think all I will do this weekend is rest and knit.
Have a nice weekend everyone!