Saturday, September 21, 2013

September WIPs

Hi!  I currently have two projects on the needles.  And both are new!  I went shopping during my vacations at the end of August and went for two very different type of blues.
First, I'm knitting the Pine Forest Baby Blanket in Malabrigo Yarn Rios, colorway Azules.  While I was looking for a unisex color, the skeins seemed in a lighter shade to me.  Now it looks a little dark to me for a baby accessory.  I will have to pick a brighter color for the next baby blanket I will knit!  Here is a glance at it.  I have almost knit the first skein.  Two left.  I will have a lot of knitting time tomorrow and next Friday so I bet it will be almost done in no time!
Second, I'm knitting the very popular Puerperium Cardigan.  This is also a quick little knit!  What you see is the back.  Very bright color.  At first, I sort of regreted buying such a bright color.  Seems like I like to go to the extremes!  Now that the little Cardigan is coming along, I'm really loving it!  The yarn is Julie Asselin Milis, colorway Electric Avenue!  This is a new yarn and the colorways are absolutely amazing.  You should definitely take a look!

Next, I will most likely start another blanket, a Little Oak and maybe a Stockholm Scarf.  I'm also thinking of ways to use up more of my leftovers with small projects! 

Any suggestions for a simple baby blanket (mindless knitting)?

Did you start knitting something new for the fall?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Friday, September 6, 2013

FO: Baby Chalice Blanket

Last Wednesday, I've given the gift I have been knitting and kept secret on this blog since the end of April.  I finished it one month ahead of time which really happens seldom in my case for baby gifts!  Usually, it is blocking at the last minute, the day before the baby shower.  I'm sure it happened to a few of you ;-)  I must say that my vacations helped and My Sister's Knitter KAL was a great incensitive!

This is a lovely free pattern that many knitters made with a variety of yarns.  In my case, the Illîmani Yarn Baby Llama was a nice discovery!  It is so soft and the natural colorways are beautiful.

I originally bought 4 skeins but in the end I used exactly 3.  I cast on 133 sts compared to 83 in the pattern and made the same number of repeats as instructed (that is 9) and realized it was already a square.  The pattern says the final measurements should be 24 x 32 inches.  In my case, it ended up 37 x 37 inches which is better in my own opinion:


After blocking, the stitch pattern is really pretty I think.  I love "leafy" stitch patterns:

The picture I took outside is really the one that shows the color as close as it is:

Finally, the only bad thing about this project is that the yarn is not superwash...  I'm really a bad girl to give such a gift to a friend :(  I will have to learn better...

See my project page on Ravelry.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!