Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Summer has finally arrived in Quebec!

Last year, I stopped knitting when summer arrived. This year, I'm still knitting! This afternoon, I went to Cafe Depot to knit with a good friend. It was very pleasant. I missed knit nights for the last two months. I really needed to go knit in public and see what someone else is making. I hope I can join the "North Shore Knitters" next week. We will see ;-)

I also joined a new group called Knit Crochet & Give a Little Warmth . It is a Meetup group (maybe there is a similar group near you) and we will be making blankets and hat and lots of things for organizations who help those who need a little warmth! I haven't attended any of the bi-monthly meetings yet, but I think it is a very good idea!

For those of you who wonder how my projects are going, well, no changes for most of them, except Thermal II. I started the third skein this afternoon. Soon, I will be splitting the front. It's going very well and I really enjoy it!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer so far!