Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Note that this post does not have anything Halloween related ;-) But I hope you will have a good one!

At the moment, I'm slowly completing the little pink set for a collegue baby girl who will come into this world in early January. I'm adding a little pair of socks. The first one is knitted and is so tiny and cute! Pictures soon!

Then, last Sunday, I felt sick with a headache and nausea and thought that starting the Bella's Mittens would lift my spirit. For sure, I wasn't feeling well because I no longer liked them and started surfing Ravelry to find something else to knit with my 2 skeins of Cocoon... Thankfully, after a good night of sleep and a day at home to sleep some more, my senses came back and I started to like them again and quite frankly, I've knitted a few inches now and they feel so good! Love that yarn!

We had our knit night at a pub this week! It was fun! We have such a lovely group! There were two contests this week: a beautiful skein of yarn that came directly from Rhinebeck (what's Rhinebeck, hi hi...) and a "tipi" from Audrey at the Mouton Bleu. I was the lucky winner of the tipi! I love hand-made bags and it is so well done! Love the fabric, it's so pretty! Thanks again Audrey!

Anybody noticed this free pattern (Cropped Top) on the last Vogue Knitting? I think this is the strangest knitwear I've seen so far... I'm speechless... Honestly, would you wear it or offer it to a friend? ;-) Or is it just a styling mistake?

Lastly, you should go check out the new Biscotte colors: I love them and especially Coconut sur la plage and Vigne.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

FO: Cabled Baby Hat and Mittens Set

Yesterday and this morning, I watched a little TV and completed the two mittens for this cute little set! I don't think it even took 3 hours per mitten!

Pattern: Cabled Baby Hat and Mittens Set by Paulina Chin
Yarn: Précieux by Biscotte
Needles: 3.75 mm and 4.0 mm
Colors: Pink
Start to finish: Sept. 11 to Oct. 17, 2010
For: TBD
Modifications: No modifications at all!

Thank you Paulina for such a nice pattern!

The yarn is lovely to work with. Look how pretty it is in jersey!

There is some yarn left for a pair or two of little baby socks. I shall knit that next!

Have a great Sunday everyone!