Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer report

It's already September and although I don't go to school anymore, I feel like evaluating my knitting this summer!  It certainly isn't an A, but the teacher would certainly mention that at least, this summer I knitted and made some good progress.  Yes, and I have to say that I don't understand why I had stopped knitting completely in the past in summer. 

So this summer, I've completed Thermal and I've also knitted a new pair of socks with yarn I had bought last summer.  I also finished the exterior of the Douglas Mittens and started the lining.  Since it starts in the inside, it does not show, but I'm already at the start of the thumb.

I've also started the Jaywalkers with the Super Bambou I bought at Biscotte & Cie last summer too.  They are a lot of fun to knit (the colors are nicer than in this photo)!

And I'm also planning for a secret baby knit (I have yet to choose the yarn) and my next sweater/cardigan.  For the latter, I change my mind all the time.  Will it be Featherweight Cardigan, Mountain View Cardigan, Tea LeavesCastelgar Cardigan or something else?  There are so many beautiful and wearable nice patterns out there!  I'm thinking about some nice yarn like Malabrigo or Madelintosh so that this loooong process is enjoyable!  I'm also thinking light gray.  We'll see!

Happy September!