Friday, July 24, 2009

The good side of fall

A lot of previews from our favorite magazines are appearing this week.

My favorite knitting magazine IK, among others, have great patterns. Unfortunately, I honestly don't think I will have time to knit any of them. At least, short term. But I always buy a copy. You never know ;-) Here are my favorite patterns:

Also, Vogue Knitting will be releasing the previews shortly. We can already find some of the patterns on Ravelry. I find this one especially nice:

HOWEVER, what really cought my attention is news about Brooklyn Tweed. He will be releasing a booklet of patterns with Classic Elite Yarns this August (if some of you see it in Montreal, please, let me know if you don't mind). You may go to SWAK News for a preview of the patterns.

You may also want to take a look at this interview with Jared Flood. I haven't bought any patterns yet from Brooklyn Tweed, but I regularly visit his blog. Every time I see a new pattern of his, I immediately fall under the charm! Here are my favorite patterns at first glance (but really, all of them are gorgeous).

There is a lot of talent in this community!


Celestial said...

So much great stuff so little time!

Philigry said...

i love all of those knits that you shared. i have never heard of that magazine, but i love that long blue coat with all the cables at the bottom. i may have to get that!

Maryse said...


Thanks for your comment! The name of the magazine is Interweave Knits! It's a great magazine.

As for the long blue coat, the name of the designer is NeoKnits. You may want to ckeck out her blog. Here is the page where she blogs about his particular design: