Monday, February 22, 2010

Sock hockey - Day 11

Ouf! Today was D-day. I finished the first sock at around 9:00am and then, started the second one almost right away. It's 10:00pm and I'm almost at the heel of the second sock! I feel like when I'll have the heel turn done, I'll see the finish line!

I'm glad because if I knit between 1 and 2 hours every night this week, I should finish towards Saturday (which is perfect because I have something planned for Sunday)! And most of all, I'm glad because it seems feasible!

I'm really under a lot of pressure. On March 1st, some journalists will be coming at my office to see if I'm wearing THE OLYMPIC SOCKS! ;-)

Have a great week!

1 comment:

Chantal Boucher said...

tu es trop drôle! Je te suggère d'aller travailler au pas de course, nu bas!lol!