Saturday, April 10, 2010

Home sweet home

I was away the last couple of days. First, I visited my family for Easter, and then, went in a couple of days out of town for business. I was really happy to be back home yesterday. I enjoyed simple things you do at home like taking a nap, reading and knitting!

Last Friday, I've visited my cousin and met little Elliot for whom I have had so much pleasure knitting the Striped Baby Sweater. The parents liked the colors and seemed to really appreciate all the work that a knitting garnment represents! What I didn't know is that my cousin had tried knitting during her pregnancy. I have a feeling that she may give it another try ;-)

I finally bought a kitchen scale to weigh my yarn. I like it! It's pretty cute too with its egg shape. It will be useful.

Finally, I started the Blish Shawlette. I really enjoy knitting it so far although it is not something I can knit while watching TV. I'm using a life line and counting the stitches every row. So far, so good!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Celestial said...

super cute scale. It's wider than mine, which makes me a little jealous ;)

mle said...

Yes, you'll get a lot of use from the kitchen scale. I love the blue yarn you are using for the shawl! so pretty!

Chantal Boucher said...

Hé!! bon retour au bercail! On est tellement bien à la maison n'est-ce pas?
As-tu pris des photos de Elliot avec son chandail? (j'adore ce nom! as-tu vu le film Billy Elliot? un de mes films préférés)

Trop hâte de voir ce châle... La couleur est magnifique. Mais c'est le genre de tricot que tu n'emmènes pas au café-tricot, trop de risques d'erreurs... il faut toujours avoir un projet "brain-free" on the side!
Je pense bien être de la partie mercredi, selon l'ampleur de la somme d'ouvrage de la semaine...Humm je viens de réaliser que je pars très tôt pour Québec jeudi... je vais voir.
Bonne fin de semaine Maryse.

Sandra said...

Maryse - où as-tu trouvé ta balance? Et est-ce qu'elle est en impérial ou métrique (ou les deux)...?

Maryse said...

The scale was bought at Stokes, Rosemère. 24.99$. Both Imperial and Metric! I knew I wanted it when I saw it!

knittymuggins said...

Fun! I love that orange yarn - what is it?

Have a great weekend :)