Sunday, May 30, 2010

In the meantime.... shoes

My Bliss Shawlette is blocking! I finished it this morning. It will be the perfect size now! I will post some pictures as soon as it is dry!

In the meantime, I've been tagged by Fionie to play a game related to shoes! I don't own many pairs of shoes. Most of the time, they are very comfortable and I wear them for a long time until I replace them with a new pair! As for knitting, I am almost monogamous with shoes ;-)

Here's my favorite pair of shoes at the moment. Aldo is without any doubt my favorite shoe store.

Since there is no knitting photos in this post, I thought the next photo would go well with the first one (both have similar pink tones). I took this photo a few days ago, right before the heat wave. These flowers next to my house are magnificient.


Knittymuggins said...

Love the shoes! And the flowers are gorgeous :)


Chantal Boucher said...

ha oui, j'aime bien ces souliers! Ah mes souliers ont beaucoup voyager... (là seules les Québécoises s'y retrouveront avec cette ritournelle!)

Bonne semaine!

Fionie said...

Un look actuel et totalement pratico-chic avec cette touche de rose. J'adore tes chaussures coup de coeur du moment.

Merci d'avoir participer

participeras-tu au prochain TAg? (sourire)

Lolita Blahnik said...

Parecen super comodos, desde luego.
Parece que la monogamia no la llevo bien yo. Al menos en cuanto a proyectos tejidos y zapatos se refiere! Ya no me caben en el armario, he tenido que pasar los de invierno a la zona de almacenamiento de mi cama. Y en la ultima semana he comprado dos pares de sandalias veraniegas. Mal, muy mal!
Menos mal que mis relaciones si son monogamas jejjej bastante lio tengo con los zapatos y el punto jejejj