Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello everyone! I'm so glad it is the weekend! And... is there a better way to start your weekend than a surprise in your mailbox?

Let me show you my brand new fabulous Virevolte knitting bag from Brin dans le vent that I ordered this week. I had been waiting for it for a moment now and especially, lately, after we've been shown a prototype!

The designer of these bag is an ergonomist, so I was really curious to see what would be the perfect knitting bag for her! It came with a row counter, a pouch bag for yarn, two surprises and a nice note! The row counter hold by a dotted pink ribbon is so tiny!

To me, it is the perfect size. Not too big, not too small...

The fabric is absolutely gorgeous! Isn't it? I was a little hesitant when I chose the bag because there are 4 different models you can choose from. The lovely pink fabric with sheeps that I ended up choosing (!!!) makes me want to sit down to knit and relax! It's calling my name ;-) It's very soft too! I love those little sheeps! The logo Virevolte is absolutely gorgeous in pink. It really stands out on black.

Look at the inside! It has a spacious pocket and black ribbons to hold things I will bring in my bag.

I'll stop here before you think I have shares in her Etsy shop ;-) It's just that I think it is such a nice bag and I loved it the moment I saw it and touched it!

Knowing me, I will be using it for many many years. Merci Chantal!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Fionie said...

Ouin...t'as choisi le plus beau. Quoique le crème a une jolie doublure aussi. Haaa...t'as pigé au sort pour choisir la couleur?

Maryse said...

@Fionie: En fait, celui-ci n'était pas mon premier choix, mais maintenant que le choix est fait, je ne le changerais pour rien au monde! Trop beau avec ses petits moutons!!!

Lolita Blahnik said...

Lovely pink fabric!!!!

birana said...

Joli sac ;) Avec les moutons pour une vrai tricoteuse ;)