Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hat exchange - Part 1

We (our knitting group) were finally able to hold our hat exchange that was planned for mid-February in mid-April! Yé! I can finally share it on the blog!

First information I couldn't share: the yarn (and that was not just any yarn). First of all, the objective was to use yarn from our stash. Well, I don't really have a stash (or at least I think that less than 5 skeins does not offer enough option). Hence, I had to sacrifice myself and go to Espace Tricot (first visit there too!). I chose some nice Tough Love Socks from Sweet Georgia in the amazing Blackberry colorway:

Isn't it just beautiful to look at? Although I spent quite a few minutes to choose it (yes, that would be me picking one, seeing another one, changing again, etc.), I am very pleased with my choice! It may be hard to see on the picture, but the yarn color changes very subtly. It was lovely to knit with as well!

Here is the final result: Skinner Hat by Melissa LaBarre:

Lovely pattern as one could expect from Melissa LaBarre:

: Skinner Hat by Melissa LaBarre (a.k.a Knitting School Dropout).
: Touch Love Sock by Sweet Georgia.
Needles: US 1 - 2.25 mm and US 2 - 2.75 mm.
Color: Blackberry.
Start to finish: January 9 to February 5 2011.
For: ?
Modifications: No modifications and I really enjoyed knitting it!

Here is a picture of me modeling it! Not a bad picture considering that I took it myself!

I recommend both the yarn and pattern! I truly enjoyed knitting it!


juicyknits said...

Oh, I love Sweet Georgia yarns. They are unfortunately hard to come by where I live. :(

Susan said...

I totally agree with your comment about picking up one yarn, putting it back, then picking out something else. It usually takes me forever! Even then, I always just have to take one more look around the store! The pattern looks; the stitches show really well with the color. Glad it fits you perfectly!

Tara said...

Émilie and I love our hats! :) The yarn is lovely and your knitting is amazing. Thanks again, Maryse!!!

Celestial said...

This hat looks super cute. Can't wait to see what you got in turn.

mle said...

Wow, that is gorgeous! the yarn AND the pattern you knit it up in! I LOVE Sweet Georgia yarn...the colors are always soooo pretty!