Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer progress

Wow! I haven't posted since mid-June! Here is a little update on my knitting.

The good news is that this is the first time that I continue to knit during summer. Yé!

So what are my current WIPs? Well, the same ones as in the previous post. However, there is a little bit of progress.

First, I still have to buy the buttons for my Thermal and post the final pictures. This could take place this week.

Second, the Douglas Mittens are going well. I've almost finished the exterior of the second mitten. After that, I have to wash them and knit the lining inside. They should be ready for winter, although experience tells me that you just never know... Needless to say, this is knitted inside, with AC, watching tv ;-)

Third, the Spring Forward socks are also going well. See, this is the second sock. The grass is a little drier and my toe nails are now electric blue compared to my previous post ;-)

I hope that you are all having a wonderful summer! Today,
the weather is fantastic! I'm just taking a little break inside to cool down!

Happy knitting to all of you!


Lolita Blahnik said...

Esos mitones están chuos! yo tambien había dejado un poco de lado el punto (iba muuuy lento) pero parece que tambien me he reactivado!

Susan said...

Gosh you have been MIA!! So glad to see an update from you! Oh I can't wait for you to finish those mittens. You still have a few months til the winter! You can do it!

Chantal Boucher said...

moi aussi, comme Susan, tellement hâte de voir et essayer ces mitaines!! À bientôt chère amie! Mercredi soir: on tricote!

Carol said...

The knitting is looking great! It has been easy for me to keep knitting through the summer, it's been a cool wet summer, I'm hoping August will be better!

mle said...

Nice! glad you are still knitting this summer! I haven't knit in 2 months's too hot and this summer has been so busy! I know I'll look forward to picking my knitting back up when it cools off a bit in the fall.

Kara said...

Those mittens are wonderful. Way to keep knitting through the summer!

Celestial said...

Mittens are looking great. What a reminder that I still need to finish my Vespergyle mittens!

Monique said...

Ces mitaines sont tellement belles ! Est-ce difficile d'apprendre à les tricoter ?

Tricoter l'été? Toujours! ;-)