Thursday, August 4, 2011

FO: Spring Forward socks

Aren't vacations great for finishing things?

The Douglas Mittens are in their pre-finishing state, that is, they are drying from the blocking that the patterns recommends before knitting the lining. They are almost dry. I just realize that I should swatch for the lining instead than for a new pair of socks like I was about to do last night.

I'm very satisfied with the colorwork. I am tempted to post a bigger picture, but then, that would steal the "thunder" for the finished mittens with the lining, wouldn't it? Of course, by the time I finish them, maybe the photo would only be a faint memory... Let's take a peek then ;-)

The yarn for the lining is so thin (Estelle Baby Silk Lace). It's hard for me to imagine that this will be resistent enough to be the inside of a mitten. What I am very sure of is that it will be incredibly soft and warm.

Coming back to my new FO. The Spring Forward socks have been very easy and fun to knit. I recommend the pattern (altough I now realize that many knitters have already knitted this pattern). The chart is easy to memorize and still, the result is fun!

Usually, I'm really not into variegated colors, but this one I really like!

I knew that my left foot was bigger than my right foot, but it's very clear on that picture isn't it?

I'm also amazed at how symetrical the pair turned out to be! The beginning (upper part of the leg) is different and I decided that I could live with that! But then, look at the rest of the leg, the heel, under the feet and the toe tips! I almost wonder how that can be because I started the second sock with the rest of the first skein (maybe 8g left) and then joined the second skein!

Pattern: Spring Forward by Linda Welch
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Summer Sox Variegated, 85g for the two socks.
Needles: US 1 / 2.25 mm
Color: 5556 Viva violets
Start to finish: June 2011 - August 2011
For: Me
Notes: No modifications

Now let's see when will be my next FO!

Have a nice and restful day everyone!


Celestial said...

That is remarkable that the socks ended up matching! I bet you couldn't do that again if you tried.

Kara said...

Kudos for symmetrical socks!

Andi said...

Yeah! There is some serious loveliness going on here! Those socks turned out excellent. :) I really like your color choice.

Monique said...

J'ai vraiment hâte de voir tes mitaines terminées ! Ta paire de bas est vraiment belle et j'aime qu'ils commencent et se terminent avec les mêmes couleurs, j'essaie toujours de faire ça moi aussi.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the socks....the variegated really looks lovely with the pattern.

Marisa Muñoz said...

¡Tengo ganas de ver tus "mittens" terminados! Me tienta la idea de ponerme con mi primer fair isle ... Los calcetines son chulísimos ¡Besos y Buen Comienzo de Semana!

margaux said...

beautiful socks Maryse!!

Yarny Days said...

Those socks are so lovely! I love the stitch pattern.

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these socks looks so great. well done

Tara said...

Maryse has knit socks!!! I fully expect to see flying pigs any day now ;)