Friday, January 27, 2012

Whatcha favorite posdcast?

Do you have a favorite podcast? 

I found a brand new podcast a few days ago and I'm already addicted to it.  It's called Whatcha Swatchin Podcast.

It's fresh, short (because sometimes you don't have so much time to spend on the internet!) and funny (because some of you - not me - may recognize themselves in what she says!) and Emily is going to start spinning!  I think it is very interesting because this is quite intriguing for me.  I have no idea how it works...   

Oh, and she's also knitting a Rocky Coast Cardigan ;-)

Enough said!  Take a look!

Have a great weekend everyone!

ETA: It was probably too late last night, but I definitely should have mentionned the Knit Girllls.  I have been following them for a while now.  They have FOs, WIPs, spinning, book reviews and contests!  You should definitely check them out too!


Susan said...

I have actuallt never tried podcast.... I have to check out this and find a few good ones! Thanks :)

Sue said...

I love Megan, she is great. I also love Knit 1 Heart Too, Dramatic Knits, The Knitgirllls, Blooming Knitter and Stockinette Zombies. All really fantastic knitting podcasts!

Andi said...

I love Emily. I recently discovered her as well. She is fun to listen to. I also like Round the Twist with Carin alot. I like to watch video podcasts, it feels like I am knitting with my knitting group. Of course KnitGirllls and Knitabulls are wonderful as well!

Monique said...

Je n'écoute jamais de Podcast mais je pense que je vais essayer. Si tu as d'autres adresses, j'aimerais bien les connaître.