Saturday, October 6, 2012

Early birthday gift!

I'm not coming here too often these days.  My knitting mojo is a little low since I finished my last project, but it should come back soon with the cold days ahead ;-)

Today, I had a nice surprise in the mail!  An incredible gift from Andi (at My sister's knitter).  She is my knitting fairy ;-)  It feels like a birthday gift since I will be turning 40 (yes, I can't believe I'm already there!) this Wednesday.   Unbelievable!

It contained a beautiful card and 6 delicate snowflake stitch markers!  They are so cute and perfect for the coming winter!  This yarn will make lovely socks!  Thank you so much again Andi!  It really makes my day!  I'm so lucky to have you as a friend!

Oh, maybe next week I will have a different post.  I'm supposed to go visit an alpaga farm.  Stay tuned!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  What are you knitting?


Julie said...

What a wonderful gift! That Andi, isn't she special?
I hope you have a very happy day on Wednesday!

stacy said...

Hope you have a wonderful 40th! I am sure you will behave much better then I did when I turned 40, my poor hubby.
Stacy aka Tempted

Audry said...

Those stitch markers are so lovely. Are they crocheted?

And happy almost birthday!

mle said...

That yarn is so lovely! Yes, the cooler weather definitely puts me in the mood to knit but I need to get some new needles because little hands got a hold of the ones I was using in my project and accidentally broke them.
Happy early birthday! I hope it is a fabulous day for you!

Marisa Muñoz said...

It's a beautiful gift! I hope your post about the alpaga farm...

Monique said...

Quel beau cadeau ! Fais attention, ton "stash" augmente ! ;-)

Je te souhaite un bel anniversaire deux jours à l'avance ! :-)

Andi said...

Yay! The goodies look lovelier with your phot skills. Glad you liked everything, as you know you are my yarn fairy as well. :)
Happy birthday!

oceane* said...

happy birthday!
make sure to let that andi know her snowflake stitch markers are just beutiful..

DKnits said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday!
Andi is adorable isn't she?
Hope your knitting mojo is back.