Saturday, January 26, 2013

Annabelle in her Sunnyside Cardigan

Let me introduce you to Annabelle (possibly a future knitter)! 

She's the lovely little girl of my "tricopine" Stéphanie from À la maille suivante.  Go visit Stéphanie's blog for more pictures of Annabelle and her brother.  Stéphanie also has a few knitting patterns featured on her blog!

Isn't Annabelle cute?  Here she is with the little Sunnyside Cardigan I gifted her last September:

I was so excited the day of the baby shower that I forgot my knitting (officially, it was a knitting get together) ;-)  Well, our host gave me a blanket she was working on so that I can knit 1-2 rows!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


Pumpkin said...

Oh she is totally a future knitter, look at that expression, she knows that sweater is fantastic.

Andi said...

The cutest level is off the charts with her and that sweet knit!
Future knitter indeed.

mle said...

Too cute! It's so fun to see hand knits in action!

Chantal Boucher said...

Tellement cute!!! Tu deviens une spécialiste des tricots pour bébé!!

Ilix said...

A fantastic knit on a cute little one.