Sunday, August 18, 2013

In the next two weeks...

It's the first time that I take my vacations so late in the summer.  It was tough to wait until now but it has finally arrived!  I hope I can rest a lot and also get some stuff done in the house, see friends, etc.

Of course, I also hope for a lot of knitting!  My gift is going well.  I hope to finish it in the next two weeks and get to show it to you a little while later.

Then, the Tiny Pants are going well too.  They are going to be "with jogs" but that's alright!

The yarn is tweedy and the stripes are cute enough to catch the attention, hopefully ;-)

Then, I think I will cast on 3 new projects!  See what late vacations make to me!  Seriously, I'm going yarn shopping this week at Espace Tricot and Mouliné.  And the next three project will be colorful and I will be able to show my progress!  This is going to make this blog a little bit more interesting!

So, I'm going to go back to my knitting.  I joined my Sister's Knitter KAL and I must not neglect the two current WIPs while I start new projects! 

Oh, and I frogged the Guernsey Triangle.  It was just a few inches and I'm going to use the yarn for a Sunnyside instead!  No worries, this is one of the 3 projects ;-)

This afternoon, I'm visiting good friends - there's going to be a lot of talking and they have a little 6 months old girl who is so cute - actually, she was the little girl I knitted the Maile Sweater for. Nice, nice, nice!

Happy knitting everyone!


Julie said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Maryse!

Andi said...

Excited for you and your vacation. Much deserved time off. Have a wonderful time!

Audry said...

Three new projects! Other than the Sunnyside, have you decided what the other projects will be yet?

Susan said...

That's the BEST kind of vacation! Enjoy the summer while it lasts!

DKnits said...

Have a wonderful vacation Maryse! Can't wait to see your new projects!