Saturday, September 21, 2013

September WIPs

Hi!  I currently have two projects on the needles.  And both are new!  I went shopping during my vacations at the end of August and went for two very different type of blues.
First, I'm knitting the Pine Forest Baby Blanket in Malabrigo Yarn Rios, colorway Azules.  While I was looking for a unisex color, the skeins seemed in a lighter shade to me.  Now it looks a little dark to me for a baby accessory.  I will have to pick a brighter color for the next baby blanket I will knit!  Here is a glance at it.  I have almost knit the first skein.  Two left.  I will have a lot of knitting time tomorrow and next Friday so I bet it will be almost done in no time!
Second, I'm knitting the very popular Puerperium Cardigan.  This is also a quick little knit!  What you see is the back.  Very bright color.  At first, I sort of regreted buying such a bright color.  Seems like I like to go to the extremes!  Now that the little Cardigan is coming along, I'm really loving it!  The yarn is Julie Asselin Milis, colorway Electric Avenue!  This is a new yarn and the colorways are absolutely amazing.  You should definitely take a look!

Next, I will most likely start another blanket, a Little Oak and maybe a Stockholm Scarf.  I'm also thinking of ways to use up more of my leftovers with small projects! 

Any suggestions for a simple baby blanket (mindless knitting)?

Did you start knitting something new for the fall?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Andi said...

Lovely projects and colors on the needles!
I like the baby log cabin for a quick baby knit.

juicyknits said...

Definitely a mindless and a quick knit and you can use leftovers for it, so it is a double win: .

Julie said...

Such pretty projects! It love both of your yarns, too.

Audry said...

My mindless knits are typically socks, so I don't have a good blanket suggestion.

I like the dark colored blanket. I think it makes perfect sense for a baby-item to be dark colored. It hides baby messes better.

Susan said...

These tiny knits are so adorable!!! I love knitting for babies... they are so cute and go much faster (still a lot of work though...).

Monica said...

Purperium seems like a go to knit for babies, I am adding it to my list!