Thursday, January 14, 2010

I think I have a new love!

Just to say that I think I will love knitting socks. It is so delicate. I love those little tiny metal needles. The pattern and the yarn are both fun!

Have a great Friday everyone and for those who are interested to make a little donation for Haiti to the Red Cross, here is the link:


Julie said...

looks great so far! I'm not big on sock knitting, but lots of people find it so addictive!

Sophie said...

Superbe, ce sont des Monkeys sock ? Je partage ton goût pour les petites aiguilles... on se comprends avec le Thermal !! :)

à bientôt

Chantal Boucher said...

Allo Maryse,

Tu me donnes vraiment le goût de tricoter des bas pour les Ravelympics... mais qq chose de plus simple je crois, si je veux être certaine de franchir la ligne d'arrivée! Je suis déjà essoufflée.

Bonne fin de semaine à toi!

Janet said...

I just had to sneak over here when you left the comment about your sock "practice."

You already know how much I agree with you about how fun sock knitting is!

Thanks for the comment and affirmation :-)