Saturday, January 24, 2009


In September 2007, I saw this from the talented duo at TeamKnit. It is simple, polyvalent and comfortable. Everyone who knit Thermal seem to be very satisfied with the final result.

After reading all these good comments, I decided that I wanted one as well and ordered the required yarn.

I decided that black would be a great color. I wear a lot of black. Have you ever knit with black?

That is, for many months, I've been working on Ethermal, oops, I mean Thermal. I've also un-knit it many times due to my lack of attention. Despite it, it is almost complete as we speak. The body is all knit as well as the first sleeve. Below is the second sleeve. I keep the rest for when I will post on the finished product.

When will that be? That is the question...


Team Knit said...

Thanks for the shout out!! I know what you mean about it taking forever to knit (sock yarn sweater on tiny needles... the hours, the hours!) but it's SO worth it. You are going to love yours, I just know it!!

- Julie

Crista said...

Good luck with finishing!

knittinredwitch said...

When will that be? Only the Ethermal knows!