Sunday, January 18, 2009

What happened?

One of the reason why I decided to start blogging again is to share my work and ideas with other knitters.

In the last couple of weeks, I met a bunch of terrific ladies who also knit in the north shore of Montreal and in the area. We are Tricot Rive-Nord on Ravelry or Laval Knits on Yahoo. We meet twice a month in a Cafe in Rosemere.

I consider myself a beginner or intermediate knitter. I don't know many people who knit. Hence, the bi-monthly meetings allow me to discuss with my new friends and discover new yarns, patterns, techniques, etc. It is so interesting! I keep my eyes and ears wide open!

I also suspect that because of these ladies, I will soon have a stash. Until recently, I always thought that I had no stash and the expression "knitting from my stash" didn't have a meaning for me. So far, I've limited myself to buying the yarn that is necessary for the projects I choose. Until now, I've been very disciplined. But seeing and touching yarn for real can be dangerous I guess...

Anyways, before Christmas, I was surfing the internet to find a pattern for a scarf for a friend who asked me if I could teach her how to knit. That's when I saw the gorgeous Noro Striped Scarf on Brooklyntweed's blog. I had seen it before, but this time, it got in my mind and stayed in. The following week, I was at Mouliné to buy the 4 skeins of yarn that were required. And that was it... The "flame" is back!

Finally, I decided to come back to blogging because I missed the lovely comments of the other knitters who came to visit my blog, once in a while, and who live too far to come knit in Rosemere!

I hope to read your comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. again soon!

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