Saturday, February 7, 2009

Handsome mittens

End of resistance. I'm exagerating a little bit because I casted on Lilas not so long ago. So, I can't say it had been ages since I last started something new.

Lilas is going very well. The back is 3/4 done. I should post an update when I will start the front which is going to be more interesting than looking at a back all in stockinette stitch.

I bought the nice Pastaza below a few weeks ago at Effiloché to knit the Handsome Mittens. I had a crush on those mittens the moment I saw them. I loved the colors from the magazine very much. However, I'm using different colors. I really like the mix of bright green in the contrast color. I will want to wear these mittens with my black winter coat so I bought black to go with it.

Now that I look at the colors I chose, I realize that my winter blues must have been at a peak that week ;-) I would not say it's a soothing combination, on the contrary!

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Knittymuggins said...

I adore these colors together! Great choice :)