Tuesday, August 2, 2011

FO: Thermal II

I'm so happy and relieved... My second Thermal is now complete!

Pattern: Thermal by Laura Chau
Yarn: KnitPicks Gloss
Needles: US 4.0 mm
Color: Teal
Start to finish: May 2009 - August 2011
For: Me
Notes: No modifications

It will be very good to keep me warm at nights this winter!

And I confirm there will be no more Thermal in my life ;-)

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Susan said...

Wow!!!!! Congratulations! This thermal looks FANTASTIC! It fits you so well! I am so glad that you finally got around to finishing it! You need to get some good wear out of it this winter! :)

mle said...

Wow, that's fantastic! Great color! knitting the same pattern twice is pretty impressive.

Kara said...

This is so fabulous. Your thermal looks perfect. This is a sweater that is so wearable. Well done on round 2.

Alhana said...

¡Simplemente precioso!
Espero que estes pasando un buen verano.

Chantal Boucher said...

haaa!! Enfin! Et il est magnifique!

Lolita Blahnik said...

Te quedó genial! como te dije con el primero que tejiste, es un patrón que me encanta y que en algún momento tambien yo tejeré.
Y si, lo que tengo ( mejor dicho, tenía) entre manos en ese Malabrigo azul brillante es un gorro, el Waffle de Pickles. Otro patrón chulísimo!

Celestial said...

It looks great!

Andi said...

lol- that is what you say now, but let's see if you cast on any more thermals. :) Whether it is or not...it looks absolutely lovely on your!

Monique said...

Superbe ! Il te va vraiment bien ! Pourquoi ne veux-tu plus en retricoter un ? Je suis curieuse. ;-)

Unknown said...

Lovely! It fits you wonderfully!

Snorka said...

Congratulations (and I haven't begun my first Thermal yet...)! It really looks lovely and as far as I can see suits you very well.