Thursday, January 22, 2009

In the last two and a half years...

Before I start blogging about my current and future projects, I would like to take a few moments for a quick retrospective.

I've been knitting since February 2006. I learned with Knitting for Dummies which I think is an excellent book for self-taught people. I think knitting is an amazing hobby. Yarn is just beautiful and comes in so many colors and textures. Also, there are so many patterns and technics to learn. I'm so glad I got acquainted with this art!

My favorite project up to now has been the Lilian Tank Top by Amanda Reed. Here is my own version. I knit it very fast. I think it is a very nice piece of garnment. I however wonder how it would come out with a slightly more delicate and shiny yarn... But don't get me wrong, the TLC Cotton Plus Solid in blue gives very good results!

Another project I really enjoyed making with TLC Cotton Plus Solid - and blue is my favorite color - is the Irish Hiking Scarf. I thought that cables were difficult. They look difficult. It is not only easy but adds a lot of personality to a piece of clothing. I was very proud of myself.

And finally, my first completed project, with the help of my mom to sew it: this nice and simple Baby's Hoodie from Bernat. I offered it to my good friend Micheline for her baby girl. I hoped it would be pretty enough to give as a gift and I thouht it was. Also, I found out that my mom turned out to be an excellent teacher for sewing. She is an excellent knitter as well (although I learned from a book because we leave far far away)!


Team Knit said...

Those are definitely some great projects- good job!!

- Julie

Carol said...

I made several Lillian's I love them too!

a friend to knit with said...

all of these projects are fabulous.....but that lillian! i adore your lillian!